History of the Hotel Royal New Orleans

The first recorded transaction for this property was on May 12, 1784, when Francisco Landreaux filed a claim for his part of his mother’s estate. At that time, the estimated worth was 3,000 pesos.

Honore Landreaux, Jr. acquired the property in 1833 and commissioned Correjoiles and Chaigneau to design a home on the site for him.

The building underwent remaining a private home until the 1940’s, at which point part of it turned into a public laundromat. By the 1960’s, though,  the structure was refurbished and became The Nobel Arms Inn hotel.

A $500,000 restoration began in June 2001, with renowned architect and interior designer Lee Ledbetter at the helm, including the installation of a huge restaurant space. Original artwork by local artist Edward Whiteman was used to complement the design of the guest rooms and public areas.

Local entrepreneur Joe Jager bought Hotel Royal from Sidney Torres, a well-known real estate developer and Louisiana native. Now one of six properties known as the French Quarter Hotel Collection, Hotel Royal underwent renovations in September 2011 to preserve its historic charm while embodying the easy-going style synonymous with New Orleans.